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Wittie Hughes, known by her stage name Witty, is an artist, writer, musician, and actress from San Francisco, California. Living up to her namesake, Witty showed an ability to pick up on various artistic disciplines at a young age and soon fell in love with music and acting. Growing up in the 90s, Witty listened to a wide variety of girl groups and boy bands such as NSYNC and Destiny’s Child. She particularly admired Left Eye from TLC and Kylie from 3LW. While she sang along to some of her favorite artists, Witty was inspired to write her own songs, completing her first at age seven. Eventually she went on writing songs, poetry, and raps. She found comfort in writing and her infectious personality made her well loved by those around her. Her social butterfly personality and artistic capabilities showed early signs for a natural born entertainer.

Growing up in the diverse city of San Francisco, there were many schools that provided unique experiences. Witty attended a Chinese immersion school from kindergarten to eighth grade where she became fluent in Cantonese and Mandarin. It is also where Witty realized her passion and potential to be an artist and entertainer. In middle school, she really began to cultivate and grow her love for acting, singing, dancing, and overall entertaining through a variety of outlets. She fine-tuned her talents by attending several programs, schools, competitions and performed at every opportunity. She was determined to find a way to be recognized as an artist and would do anything to make her dreams a reality. At age 12, she starred in her first play about domestic violence with a leading role. The play was her breakthrough, landing her a dominant role in the Black Broadway Cinderella play that showcased in San Francisco for six weeks. From there, Wittie went on to study theater throughout her grade school career. It aided in her current career as an actress and helped her land roles in several projects such as the pilot series, "7 Hills." Since then, she has played both supporting and lead roles in local independent films.

Extraordinary Experiences

Although Witty found a successful career in acting, her heart was always with music. She stayed in tune with her passion for music and began recording music and showcasing it at shows throughout the US. At the age of 20, she has performed in 5 states and 20 different cities and plans to add to that. In the summer of 2018, she released her first-ever single, "MAMA ALWAYS." Her first single opened many doors in the professional music industry, allowing her to launch more music. In November of 2019, she dropped her next single, "CO-PILOT," which featured LA's hit artist/actor MISHON. The song had a Bonnie and Clyde vibe, and its anime music video was written and directed by Witty.

Wittie H Photoshoot Hollywood2.jpg

The Journey

Soon after, Witty moved to Los Angeles to be closer to her pursuits and goals to sell out arenas and be in more films. She has several projects in the mix and collaborates with various other artists, including Love & Hip Hop Atlanta's very own Tabius Tate. Her next single, "Better Days," debuts on all digital platforms in October 2020. This single will be based around the current stages of our economy’s social and racial injustices. Witty gets deep by writing from her own unique experiences and perspective. She hopes to connect with her fans and inspire them to keep prevailing because better days are coming. Be on the lookout for the lead-up and other projects by Witty!

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